Safari Extension

Install the built in Safari Extension directly from the application and begin to download your favorite YouTube videos quickly and easily. You may also drag and drop URLs from your browser or Copy and Paste its all up to you. 

Built in Media Player

Comes with a built in Native media player that is simple and easy to use. Just select the play button on your video in the download list and start watching. Free yourself of Ads in one easy step.

Media Quality

Choose the Media Quality that you prefer. Are you downloading to transfer to a mobile device? Want HD videos? The choice is up to you. 

Simple Organization

Never loose your media. Do you download things and then don't know where they are? Just let the contextual menu take you there. 

Built in Media Player

Built in Media Player

Play downloaded media directly from the app, no need for external media players. Unlimited videos with the built in media player. Allows full screen and AirPlay.

Choose Media Quality

Media Quality

Choose the download quality that suits your needs. From HD quality to smaller quality for mobile devices.

Offline Media

This test

Watch your favorite movies over and over again without worrying about bandwidth limitations. Transfer them to mobile devices.